Chuck Panozzo

Born on September 20th, 1948 in Chicago

"Chuck Panozzo is the toughest guy in the band, a late bloomer who recently stared death in the face and death backed down, who's happier now than I have ever seen him, looks like a million bucks, and is an inspiration to us all." - Tommy Shaw

Photo by Brigitte Boulais

Since the beginning, Chuck’s role has been to provide a solid background in order to harmonize the guitars and the keyboards that make the Styx’ unique sound.  At age 7, he started to take guitar lessons but ended up choosing bass.

Chuck’s wonderful adventure really started when he was 12. With his brother John and his friend Dennis, Chuck made a commitment to music. He decided that he wanted to be a professional musician.

He finished school and became a high school teacher while playing music as a side part-time job. He soon realized that music was much more important in his life. He then quit his teaching job to put all his effort into this legendary band that Styx would become.

A bassist for over 35 years now, Chuck can play his instrument like no one can. He has become one of the most respected bassist in the rock music industry. The stage is undoubtedly the place where he feels most comfortable and we hope that he will continue to be on stage for a long long time.

Chuck took a break from the music world.  Once in a while, he comes on stage with Styx for a few songs.  He decided to dedicate his life to other causes that are dear to him.  In 2001, Chuck announced that he was gay and that he was HIV positive.  Since then, he has been spending a lot of time being part of the Human Rights Campaign.

You can visit his official web site where you will find useful information about AIDS and related topics.  Despite all this ordeal he has faced for a few years now, Chuck chose Life.  He definately represents an example to follow.

In this picture taken at Casino Rama last October 2003, you can see how great he looks.  He's in fine shape.  His little visits during STYX shows are always greatly appreciated by the public.  Chuck is definately an exceptional soul in this world.

Visit Chuck's site by Michelle Morkis.

What Chuck has to say about his co-worker Tommy:

Tommy Shaw and Styx has been part of my recovery since my 1998 diagnosis with AIDS. This past spring I was dealt another health crisis "Mr. Panozzo you have two cancerous tumors." Tommy and the guys were supportive and asked "how I was able to cope with two life threatening illnesses?"  It seems quite simple now.  I posted pictures of friends and celebrities who had overcome great odds too.  With that in mind I refused to let myself get depressed. Accept the challenge no matter what the odds were and "GET BACK ON MY FEET." 

-Chuck Panozzo

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