Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding 2004

Here I am with Alice Cooper (left), Jack Blades (next to Alice) and Glen Campbell (right) on the same stage.
This was during the encore and we were all jamming to "Jingle Bells." - TS 
(December 2004)  Photo by Ali Hudson.

Alice is to Phoenix what Ted is to Detroit, and so we humbly submit to the Coop in his hood. 
The show is in one hour and I have to admit, we're all pretty jacked up to be on stage as the Yanks again. 
All for a good cause!- TS
(2004 - Photo by Jeanne Shaw)

Here's a family shot with the women to whom we owe it all... - TS
(December 2004)

This morning in Phoenix, Mike, Sinbad, myself, Jeanne, Keith, Teddy and Lisa posed just before boarding our private jet back to Burbank.  We were all a little tired but still buzzing from the experience the night before. - TS (December 19, 2004)

On board we laughed the whole way back, sharing stories of our wilder days with Sinbad, who hands down was the best story teller among us.  Now that I think of it, I never shared a single story!  I was too busy listening and laughing my head off at everyone else's... - TS (December 19, 2004)

One of the best things for me, and my there were many, was meeting Glen Campbell again (we met years ago at Dick Clark's 33&1/3 American Bandstand Anniversary Special we played in Hollywood.  Glen lined up amongs a slew of Rock Guitarists in the encore and at one point he stepped forward, struck a pose, dug in and SHREDDED!  We were bumping into each other like regular band mates as we rocked our way through the finally and when it was over it was a back-slapping smile-fest back stage.  The perfect ending to 48 hours of pure fun, thanks to Alice Cooper.  - TS
(December 18, 2004)

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