Don Felder's Benefit Concert

From the benefit in Cerritos, California on February 1st.  Jack and I had just finished backing Cheech Marin (center) on stage when he performed his hit song "Born in East LA."   - TS   (February 2006)

David Foster played piano in the Cheech Marin Backup Band with Jack and me...  - TS (February 2006) Photo: Jeanne Shaw 

Here's Adrian Young (drummer for No Doubt), Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, Alice Cooper, Jack and me.  We were the Alice Cooper band for one glorious night in Cerritos!  - TS (February 2006) Photo:  Jeanne Shaw

Jeanne took this candid photo of Joe Vitale, Alice Cooper, Jack and me hanging out backstage waiting for Dennis Quaid to finish his set so we could go
next. - TS (February 2006)  Photo:  Jeanne Shaw

Here I'm total fan mode, watching Frank Simes, Don Felder and Stephen Stills tear it up on stage... - TS (February 2006)

In this shot, to my left is bassist Shem Von Schroeck, Gilby Clarke, Alice Cooper and Jack Blades. - TS (February 2006) Photo by Cindi Carter.

These 2 last shots are from the jam at the end of the show when everyone who'd performed was invited on stage to play "Sweet Home Louisiana," adapted from Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." - TS (February 2006)  Photo by Cindi Carter.

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