On vacation


In Cabo San Lucas, this Iguana had a little cave beneath the rock he's perched on and would come out every so often to remind everyone he was there. - TS (March 2006)

Magic hour in Cozumel... - TS
(December 2004)

Jeanne and I took a drive down the Oregon Coast after our two nights in Lincoln City, Oregon on September 10 and 11, stopping overnight in Gold Beach, the continuing on to Brookings and beyond to the California border.  At the beach below Ocean View Drive just outside Brookings' city limits we stumbled upon the largest piece of driftwood we'd ever seen or even imagined.  This stump was almost 10 feet tall and as wider than a tour bus.  No taking this one home as a souvenir! - TS 
(September 2004)

Here I am with Shamu at Sea World - TS 
(February 2003)

Jeanne counts her fingers after feeding the fish... - TS 
(April 2001)

Here is Jacques Cousteau's latest discovery. - TS
(April 2001)

The king mackerel is the one I caught which won me second place in the fishing tournament (which I didn't even know I was competing in!)- TS 
(November 1998)

This was what Jeanne and I called our "fort" --a little shade on our beach chair where we spent a lot of time. - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - TS 
(April 2000)

We rented a car and found this beach area where locals go, called Distilladeros and had huevos, beans, rice and  mango on a stick.  MMM...  Jeanne bought some silver ear rings from this beach merchant.  Great food and cool vibes - TS 
(April 2000)

Yes, that's me going for a dip in the hotel's "Infinity" pool. - TS 
(April 2000)

I saw a lot of this view while in Mexico. - TS 
(April 2000)

Summer 2001

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