Jason Powell snapped this shot at the Belly Up in Aspen just as we were heading downstairs to the stage. Great gig!!!  - TS (October 2010)

We stopped at Cafe DuMonde for a coffee and a breather after spending the afternoon shooting video in the French Quarter.  We were in town to perform at the House of Blues the next night. (October 2004)
Photo by Jeanne Shaw

Here Todd shows off his new Ayotte kit for the summer tour... - TS 
(June 1999)

Here JY posed outside the door of his road cruiser as we stopped for lunch one day on the road  this summer. - TS
(December 1999)

Chuckie is cooler than ever these days - TS 
(December 1999) 
Photo by Mark Weiss.

Here Glen took five from rehearsals to clear his head.  There was lots of  work to do but mostly we had to break from the laughs.  It was quite a fun 4 day run in Chicago. - TS 
(June 1999)

Here Gowan goes over the arrangement of one of the songs for the summer tour, as the band rehearsed in Chicago...- TS 
(June 1999)

JY sits with Ron Nevison at the SSL console reviewing the mix of "Heavy Water".- TS 
(May 1999)

A very intense Todd Sucherman, waiting for the drums to arrive from the factory, day one, STYX rehearsals...- TS
(June 1999)

Larry and JY during summer tour 2001. - TS

At the market with Larry 

At a studio "Listening Party"

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