During the intro of Crystal Ball last night in Great Falls, Montana on September 15, 2004. 
(Photo by Daniel Wills)

In this Daniel Wills photo you can see our matching Sea Foam Green Fender guitars we had custom made for "One With Everything." 

Daniel Wills took this photo during Blue Collar Man last night in Great Falls.  You can still see the effects (I know, you're not supposed to tan any more, but I did it anyway!) of Labor Day at the beach in California. 

Here is a recent picture of Tommy in action taken by Chris Courtney.  You will soon be able to buy this t-shirt during STYX shows.  Here is a great way to encourage people to express their opinion by voting. 

Kyoko Hibino sent this in to me recently.- TS 

I had cut all my hair in England before returning to the US in 1981- TS

It was the year for the release of Girls With Guns.  Here are the original Tommy Shaw solo band members, Brian Stanley (Bass), Steve Holly (Drums), Richie Cannata (Sax) and old short-haired you know who... - TS 

Our view of the confetti explosion.- TS 
(September 2001)

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