Just for laughs...


I took this picture in the overhead mirror in our bus.  No matter which way you turn it, it looks right.  Or if you prefer, no matter which way you turn it, it never looks right.  Which do you choose? - TS (October 2010)

Keith mentioned he was going to reprise his role as the sweeper but this time with a vacuum.  I told Jason, "Let's get a photo of me vacuuming the stage!"  But you know, once you start, it's hard to stop vacuuming, so I ended up doing the whole stage.  Our crew, Boston's crew and the local stage hands got a big kick out of it. - TS  (August 2008) 
Photo by Jason Powell

Here is a Waring Abbott photo of me he shot the last night of our tour in 1981.  This was before the show that evening in Buffalo, NY.  Afterwards, it was a free-for-all, complete with food fights, trashing of the dressing room, dumping of liquids on heads, and so on.  I woke up the next morning at the wrong hotel with nothing but a pair of champagne-soaked walking shorts on.  We had all worn the goofy, baggy shorts for the encore (yes, we looked REALLY bad) and I had somehow lost my shirt while partying with the crew later on.  I will never forget walking through the lobby and getting a cab back to where I belonged. Man oh man!- TS

Alison and I decided to ride the Viper roller coaster between takes... ;P) - TS 
(April 1998)

Keith having a nutritious bus meal of Yahoo and Donuts... - TS 
(October 1998)

This Ross Halfin photo looks to be circa 1980.  It was from the Pieces of Eight tour when we had the big Viscount flying tour bus.... - TS

No, it is no Marilyn Manson, just Tom Lilly, in the process of removing his KISS make-up...- TS
(December 1998)

My lamp!

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