Sharing the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, March 26, 2011.  Oh yes, I did! - Jeanne
(photo by Jason Powell)

Vacationing  (1999)

Here Jeanne and I pose for a photo shot by yours truly from the yard on Moss Point in Laguna Beach, California on a mini honeymoon after our December 28th  marriage in Las Vegas. (January 2001)

Jeanne and Glen stopped laughing long enough for me to take this shot as we moved down the road through the middle of Texas...- TS 
(December 1999)

Jeanne saw a sign that said "Scenic Route" as we made our way along the Columbia River that divides Oregon and Washington.  It took us to the top of a hill overlooking the majestic river...- TS 
(September 1999)

Jeanne and President Reagan - TS (1996)

Having grown tired of explaining that he was a truck diver, not a pro wrestler, Bo decided to let Jeanne believe whatever she wanted and threw her to the floor...  ;-P- TS
(7Deadly Zens tour - December 1998)

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