Jack Blades


Here is Jack, performing on tape (the blurred guy on the right!) - TS 
(February 1998)

Jack was hard to photograph because he was moving around so much as he played... - TS 
(February 1998)

Here is Jack with me on the first day we worked together since Shaw Blades. - TS 
(February 1998)

Jack just finished playing on 4 more tracks. Thank you Jack! - TS 
(February 1998)

We were asked to video a special message for Ted's 50th birthday party this weekend at a special "roast" in his honor at a music hall in Detroit this weekend.  Next thing we knew we were in OUR birthday suits singing the birthday song for Ted.  Frankly, this has raised my tradition of dropping my pants to a much higher level! Where do we go from here? - TS 
(December 1998)

Here Jack is at the helm as we work on a new song... - TS 
(September 1999)

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